Jewcer is a platform that allows project managers (innovators) to finance their ideas through small pledges collected from many funders (jewcers). Projects can come from any field — cultural or technological, secular or spiritual, a small business, a personal project or an advocacy campaign — as long as a positive link to our community is created. Your network of jewcers and friends can track the impact of their small donations and follow the progress of the project they helped spark. By promoting your project through Jewcer, you can meet your goal and get JEWCED!  

The links provided here are designed to guide you through creating a successful Jewcer project and layout the “do’s and don’ts” on the Jewcer platform. 


     1. Learn how to Create a Jewcer Project

     2. Learn how to Manage a Jewcer Project

     3. Learn about Pledging and Payments

     4. Learn about Fees

     5. Learn about Project Media

     6. Learn about Project Updates

Any project that violates these guidelines can be subject to removal. The Jewcer Team also reserves the right to remove, reject or modify a project at our own discretion.  

Articles to get you Jewcing!


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  • Social Media

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