Jewcer is open to hosting campaigns created or facilitated by established Jewish organizations. Whether your organization is interested in running an all-or-nothing crowdfunding campaign or a donation model campaign, Jewcer is here to help. Hosting your online solicitation campaign on Jewcer can benefit and compliment your Jewish or pro-Israel organization in many ways. 

What are the benefits for using Jewcer's tools to run your organizations donations? There are many! 

1) Communicate & Connect with Your Community

2) Empower Your Leaders

3) Reach the Next Generation of Jewish Donors

4) Test Market Your Programming

How does your organization get started? We recommend creating for your organization a Jewcer Donation Page and/or replacing your organization's current online donation page with our Crowdfunding Donation Page

Your Donation Page on Jewcer

The donation crowdfunding model is best for organizations who have credibility in the Jewish world because of their established track record for providing contributions in a variety of ways to the global Jewish community and Israel. But a donation crowdfunding campaign page through Jewcer is not your average web page with a donate button. It is a way Jewish organizations can leverage the latest online fundraising technology - crowdfunding - while also being able to turn fundraising into a game. Jewcer’s donation page allows for the gamification of a traditional online donation page by recommending an organization pick a fundraising goal and a funding deadline. This encourages contributions and sharing because the organization wants to meet a specific goal. It provides space for videos, photos and allows users to follow and interact with the donation campaign directly. The Jewcer crowdfunding platform also allows for the maximization of sharing on social networks, especially Facebook and Twitter. The platform also allows your organization to receive global exposure to a variety of new and different Jewish constituents. And don’t forget, your organizations donation page and even website will receive more traffic because your project is housed on the Jewcer platform! 

Your Website's Crowdfunding Donation Page

Not only is a crowdfunding donation page becoming essential in the world of online fundraising, Jewcer can also create for your very own website a fully customizable donation page. You don’t need any outside developers and you don’t need handle the online payment processing systems. Jewcer does it all for you in a few easy steps. On your website Jewcer donation page you’ll be able to live stream your social media, including Facebook and Twitter and interact with your contributors through Facebook comments. You’ll also be able to post a movie about your organization and why you want contributions as well as pictures of your projects and activities. Even more key to success in online fundraising is the ability to have your own private dashboard with all of the data regarding traffic and donations to your organization’s donation page. You’ll be able to track your progress and see what works with your donors and get your organization even more exposure on Jewcer.

Contact the Jewcer Team

Jewcer would love to discuss our platform with your organization. Please email us at for questions and to learn more about how your organization can get jewcing!  


Communicate & Connect with Your Community

Jewcer brings the next generation of Jewish leaders and community members into the spotlight. Through our platform, an organization can grow its network and broaden its reach. Young people are plugged into social networks and are creating and funding projects on Jewcer. Your organization should be here too! 

Empower Your Leaders

Organizations receive proposals for great ideas all the time, but do not always have the resources to take on that project. Through Jewcer, organizations can sponsor projects and empower leaders without having to spend resources. 

Reach the Next Generation of Jewish Donors

Jewcer encourages organizations to post small projects on our platform as it is a new way to fundraise for community programs.The young professionals in the Jewish community do not give tzedakah in the same way as our parents or grandparents generations. However our generation gives! We contribute small amounts, between ten and fifty dollars, to many different ideas, projects and causes. Jewcer is the answer to getting the young professionals to connect and give to Jewish organizations and stay an active part of the Jewish community. 

A Test Market for Your Programming

One advantage to posting your project on Jewcer is that the platform can be used as a test-bed for new programming and projects. If an organization hosts a project on Jewcer and it meets its goal in a short period time, you know you have an incredible program that the community wants! If a project is not funded, then the organization does not have to waste its money or time putting together a program that is not important to the community. 

Jewcer is a not-for-profit organization offering the platform, the strategy, and the ongoing mentorship needed for successful crowdfunding. We empower individuals, organizations, and leaders to engage with communities through participatory philanthropy. We support programs, ideas, and causes designed to benefit the Jewish community and/or Israel.

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