What is Jewcer?

Jewcer is a platform that allows project managers (innovators) to finance their ideas through small pledges collected from many funders (jewcers). Projects can come from any field — cultural or technological, secular or spiritual, a small business, a personal project or an advocacy campaign — as long as a positive link to our community is created. Your network of jewcers and friends can track the impact of their small donations and follow the progress of the project they helped spark.

Why Jewcer? 

By promoting your project through Jewcer, you can meet your goal and get JEWCED! It's much easier to get 1,000 people, who love a project, to each give $10 than it is to get 1 person to give $1,000. Communicate an idea well, spread the word and encourage your network to fund a Jewcer project! Reach out to your network for encouragement, it can provide support, feedback and ideas — not just money. Jewcer is an all-or-nothing crowd-funding platform. If a project meets its funding goal, it's funded; if not, no financial transactions are made.

Who can use Jewcer?

Anyone! Jewcer encourages people to create and fund projects from anywhere in the world.

Who can promote a project on Jewcer?

The Jewcer platform should be used to fund innovative projects which link to the Jewish community in Israel and/or around the world. We're a great way for artists, advocates, educators, explorers, filmmakers, musicians, performers, scientists, techies, writers and others to promote and finance their ideas and help those projects become a reality.

Why do people support projects?

NARRATIVES: People connect to shared interests and experiences. Share your project's background and encourage people to want to become a part of your story.

COMMUNITY: People want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Jewcer brings together individuals with the same heritage to create and fund new and exciting innovations for our people and the world.

REWARDS: Project innovators inspire people to contribute money by offering smart, fun, and tangible rewards.

How do I succeed on Jewcer?

In order to succeed on Jewcer, your project must have a plan. Know where you want take your project, and how you plan to achieve your goals. Have a clear jumping off point and a strategic end point. The project innovator is held accountable for the projects success or failure. Your funders want your project to succeed, don't disappoint them.

I only need to raise a small amount of funding, is Jewcer for me?

Definitely! Jewcer welcomes innovative projects of all shapes, sizes and colors. Every idea must start from somewhere — we encourage small projects with big ideas and big projects with a narrow focus and everything in between. Your goals should be tangible and achievable. Dream big but be realistic.

Two Models for Crowdfunding

A project on Jewcer has two avenues to meeting its monetary goal on Jewcer, all-or-nothing and donation. Each model has its pros and cons and the Jewcer Team will work with each project innovator on an individual basis to make sure the best model is selected. 

All-or-Nothing Model

The all-or-nothing model is the best model to choose if you have a specific monetary goal that you must meet in a short period of time. If a project does not meet the project funding goal by the set deadline, it will not get funded. It's a great model because of a few reasons! It adds excitement to the process, getting people to push harder to help their friend or an amazing project meet its goal. It also reduces risks for all parties involved (project innovator and funders). How? It helps to insure that the project will be able to be completed by the project innovator and the funders (jewcers) will receive their chosen rewards.

Donation Model

The donation model is best for organizations who have credibility in the Jewish world because of their established track record for providing contributions in a variety of ways to the global Jewish community and Israel. It is also good for projects that do not need to meet a specific monetary goal in a set period of time but can take ongoing contributions to keep a project running or to get a program started. And of course, it's an amazing way to raise money for Tikkun Olam.

Does Jewcer own your project?

No. Jewcer does not take any ownership, copyright or intellectual property of your project. 100% of the posted project and its intellectual property is owned by the innovator.

How do I start a project?

To start a project, go to the Start a Project page. We'll ask some basic questions about your project. The Jewcer Team will do its best to post your project within a few hours. If we have any questions or concerns, we will be in contact with you. Don't forget to visit our Project Guidelines and Ten Tips to Get Jewced! for more details.

How are funds collected and distributed on Jewcer?

All pledges and payments are collected and disbursed through WePay.

Can pledges on Jewcer be used as investments?

No, all pledges are made as sole contributions.

Jewcer is a not-for-profit organization offering the platform, the strategy, and the ongoing mentorship needed for successful crowdfunding. We empower individuals, organizations, and leaders to engage with communities through participatory philanthropy. We support programs, ideas, and causes designed to benefit the Jewish community and/or Israel.

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