How do I know a project innovator is being honest and who they say they are?

Most likely, you know the project innovator or know friends of the project innovator. You may have heard of the project from a trustworthy friend or colleague. The project innovator may also have photos and videos that show who they are. Plus, project innovators rely on being trustworthy as their immediate networks are comprised of their friends, family and colleagues — and they do not want to destroy that trust. So, project innovators are highly likely to be who they say they are! Still not convinced? Send the project innovator a message and ask questions!


How do I know a project will be successfully launched if it receives the funds needed through Jewcer?

Well, each project is designed and implemented by the project innovator and it’s his/her responsibility to convince you that if they have the money, they will be able to turn their ideas into reality. They need to earn your trust, especially if you do not personally know the project innovator. Do research and look up the project innovator, visit their website and other projects they have completed. Use your excellent judgement!

The Jewcer Team is also dedicated to making sure the projects housed on our platform are trustworthy and manageable. Each project goes through the Jewcer filter and if they pass our criteria, it will be posted on Jewcer. However, Jewcer is not liable for projects that do not come to completion. It’s important to understand that with crowdfunding ideas, some will ultimately fail. It is a risk, but with risk, comes great rewards!


I have a question about a Jewcer project, who do I ask? 

The project innovator! You can send the project innovator a private message, or even better, you can post a comment on the project page! If you have a question, it’s likely that other jewcers (funders) have the same one. Share your questions and comments with the community, it’s encouraged!


How do I know when rewards for a project will be delivered?

The project innovator can help you with this one. It will either be posted on the project page or you can ask the innovator the question through comments or a message.


What happens if a project’s rewards are past the delivery deadline? 

Sometimes, it takes longer to complete a project than expected. If the project innovator is communicative with his/her funders about the late delivery, then please be patient. If a project innovator has not been in contact about the rewards, please contact him/her either through a message or a comment. If you’ve got a question, just remember that many other jewcers probably have one as well!

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